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Volunteers Needed
Placentia Little League is run by an all-volunteer staff.  The League needs people to help out with the various volunteer positions.  Without your help, we cannot provide the best experience for your children.  PLL Board Members serve hundreds of hours in support of the league.  Most of these positions are one time or short time duty and if you don't step up, it may not get done.
Check below to see the list of positions. If you can help in any one of these positions, please contact Please help if you can!
Elected Board and Appointed Volunteer Positions
1. PRESIDENT: Responsible for all correspondence with Little League Headquarters, arrangements for liability and accident insurance, attendance at monthly District 56 meetings, selection of managers and should be available to all parents and volunteers to help resolve any issues. Work with all officers and committees to ensure timely execution of tasks.
2. VICE PRESIDENT: Performs the President’s duties in his/her absence.  Is member of all committees chosen by the Board of Directors.
3. PLAYER AGENT: Responsible for player notifications and registration. Controls the tryouts, the auction and draft. Maintains team rosters and coordinates the movement of players to new teams. Recommends Divisional Commissioners to BOD. The Player Agent cannot be a coach in our league.
4. TREASURER: Responsible for receiving donations during registration, co-signs all checks with the President, maintains bank accounts, handles all league monies, keeps records of all transactions, prepares yearly reports on the Income and expenses of the league, and prepares and files all tax returns and reports.
5. SECRETARY: Responsible for keeping BOD minutes, maintaining the BOD meeting agendas and sourcing each BOD member for their topics. Maintain and publish BOD roster with phone numbers.
6. SAFETY OFFICER: Prepare annual ASAP program. Submit to LL HQ the Placentia Little League safety program. Saves us 20% on Insurance. Responsible for policing the Fields for any unsafe conditions. They can be in the form of “broken equipment” to unsafe fields.
7. DIRECTOR OF COACHES: Oversees managers and coaches at every level maintaining volunteer application forms for all coaches and responsible for distributing any and all Little League rules and Local Rules. Liaison between managers/coaches and the Board of Directors.
1. REGISTRATION CHAIRPERSON: Responsible for creating and printing early & regular registration flyers. Sources a committee to create and mail returning players packets, flyer distribution to schools, need to secure permission from Placentia school district. Organize volunteers for registration table in January. Need to secure a registration site and distribute banners around city to announce registration. Work with treasurer to deposit checks. Work with Player agent to register players.
2. DIVISIONAL COMMISSIONERS (MAJORS, AAA, AA, A, ROOKIE & T-BALL): Responsible for recommending managers of their Division to the President. Monitoring the activities of managers, coaches, players and parents. They should attend each team’s initial parents meeting; also observe a few of each team’s practices and many of their games. They are responsible for settling disputes within their Division. The Rookie & T-Ball Commissioners are responsible for working with the Player Agent to form the teams (by parental requests, schools, and neighborhood). They also need to coordinate the Rookie/T-Ball Parents meeting. This meeting should cover with the parents the rules of their divisions, their teams & their Manager/Coach.
3. SCHEDULER: The Scheduler sets up the practice schedules for all teams utilizing the field allocations received from the City.  The Scheduler then works with the Inter-league Scheduler to help create the game schedules for all divisions.
4. EQUIPMENT MANAGER: Performs a complete inventory of all equipment by November 1st of each year, prepares an initial equipment acquisition list and budget and submits it to the BOD for approval. Selects the best source for buying the equipment, places all orders, distributes all equipment to each team, coordinates replacements during the year. Collect and stores all equipment at the end of the year. Distributes & collects all All-Star equipment as well.
5. UNIFORM MANAGER: Prepares the order of Jerseys, Hats (Adult & Youth). Selects the best source for buying the uniforms, places all orders, distributes all uniforms to each team. PLL will provide the jersey and hat for each player. Orders & distributes all All-Star uniforms.
6. FIELD MAINTENANCE COORDINATOR: Plans the field day crew activities, buys any needed tools & equipment. Works with the City of Placentia to coordinate watering & general maintenance. Arranges for any needed brick dust and sod. Ensures fields have bases, line makers with Paint, and drags.
7. SPONSORS CHAIRPERSON: Prepares application form, works with managers and parents to acquire sponsors. Acquires sponsorship banners for appropriate sponsorship levels. Arrange for Sponsor plaques.
8. INFORMATION OFFICER: Responsible for website maintenance and electronic data transfer to & from LL HQ. Works with Registration Chairmen for on-line registration needs.
9. TEAM PARENT COORDINATOR: Responsible for coordination of team parents who are the communication conduit for PLL to each team.
10. ANGEL DAY COORDINATOR: Responsible for publishing any information on our annual Angel Day. The person will work with District 56 representative. It is their responsibility to order the appropriate number of tickets and collect ALL money. Should also provide a recap at the end of the event.
11. TITAN DAY COORDINATOR: Responsible for publishing any information on our annual Titan Day. The person will work with Cal State Fullerton representative. It is their responsibility to order the appropriate number of tickets and collect ALL money. Should also provide a recap at the end of the event.
12. OPENING/CLOSING DAY COORDINATOR: Coordinate all Opening Day and Closing Day Activities
13. SNACK BAR COORDINATOR: Snack Bar Operations
14. CANDY SALES COORDINATOR: Responsible for distribution of all candy and collection of all monies.